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Why Order From Dial A Stamp?

Dial A Stamp is the team of stamp and ink professionals that you can trust. So why waste time with other companies that make it difficult for you to get the stamps you need. We have been in the industry for 30 years, highlighting our success and commitment to giving clients the chance to get the stamps they want. When it comes ordering your products, you know that we have what you need.

Four-Step Process.

You want to get your products with ease. That is what we have for you. Our process is easy and simple, designed to get your order made quickly and delivered to you without any time being wasted. It only takes four-steps to get your stamp and ink requirements from your manufacturing system to your location. Simple, easy and effective: the way it should be, and the way, we have made it for you. 

Wide Selection Of Products.

Whether you are looking towards a traditional style of stamp, or a more modern version, we have it for you. We have made our name with our selection of products. We have a list of stamps that you can make your business or individual’s needs easier. As well as stamps, we have ink products and common seals, to give your business that added authenticity that it needs. When it comes to top quality products, we are the ones for you. 

Delivery Australia-Wide.

It doesn’t matter where you are in Australia, we will deliver your stamps right to you. Part of our success is the fact that we dispatch our products to you within 24 hours of ordering. Before you know it, our products will be at your door, ready to be used when you need it the most.