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What Makes Dial A Stamp Stand Out? 

You might be thinking, what makes Dial A Stamp so different from other companies? Well, you have to understand where we come from and what we stand for. From there, you can understand why we are head and shoulders above everyone else. For all your stamp and ink needs, you know there is only Dial A Stamp.

30 Years Experience.

As a family owned business, we understand the need for an honest and clean service. That is what you will get from us, and that is why, we have been in business for over 30 years. When it comes to providing high quality custom stamps to businesses and individuals throughout Australia, we have the unbeatable effective service, as well as the insightful and in-depth knowledge to help you with all your requirements. We are passionate about stamps, and are really committed to our services. We’re not just any company; we’re here to really help people with their requirements.

Simple Service.

As we touched on it before, part of our success is our commitment to our simple and effective service. Too many companies make it a hassle to ordering custom made stamps and ink products. As a manufacturer that creates their own products from scratch (using the best materials), we cut out the process of the middleman and provide you with the platform to order directly from us. We have a very simple and effective four-step process, where you:

Choose your stamps

  • Tell us about the text you want
  • Take a look at the preview of your order
  • And then placing your order!

That’s it. No difficulties. No problems. Just a simple process where we can deliver your custom made stamps from our hands to yours. We are ready to help you when you need it the most.